Ask any musician where their passion for music came from and 99% of them will begin by talking about their parents music collection. This is not the case for Rhode Island based  producer A.D. (Artful Dodger). Raised by a hearing impaired father, music did not play a major role in his upbringing. In fact, it was the foreign nature of it that drew him to it in his early years. Starting with classic pop acts like The Beatles, The Doors, and Michael Jackson; he eventually gravitated toward hip-hop. It wasn't long before he was making his own mixes and mash-ups using free computer software. Learning more about hip-hop and production he found himself influenced by both legendary producers like Dj Premier, Pete Rock, & J Dilla; as well as underground innovators like Stoupe, DangerMouse, RJD2, & El-p. He has spent the better part of a decade honing his craft, while networking and paying dues in the local hip hop scene. Now, with production credits on charting indie singles, and multiple projects in the works, it looks like A.D. is finally ready to leave his own stamp on hip-hop music.